What’s New in the Kitchen Cabinet World for 2014

Kitchen cabinets are very essential in the addition of an ambiance and feel of our kitchen area. When they are properly and beautifully constructed, they can make cooking a lot more fun. This is primarily the reason why when you are still on the verge of constructing or reconstructing your house, it is very important that you choose the right materials and finishes to give the kitchen a cozy look. It is highly advisable that you should choose to purchase cabinet materials that are high-end and durable as well.

What’s New in the Kitchen Cabinet World for 2014

The Trends in Kitchen Cabinets for 2014

What’s New in the Kitchen Cabinet World for 2014
  • Natural finishes. Although cherry wood cabinets have been very popular over the years, natural textures and grains of woods are now outrunning their popularity. More people, nowadays, prefer exotic woods to be used for their cabinets. Natural finishes together with light colored stains will also make your kitchen look larger.
  • Floor to ceiling kitchen cabinets. Another trending kitchen cabinet design is the floor to ceiling cabinets. It helps conserve space because you may only need one or two of them to have an adequate storage space needed for your kitchen use. This type of cabinets can be a combination of drawers, glass doors, and shelves.
  • Ornate-detailed kitchen cabinets. This type of kitchen cabinets is one with decorations and embellishments that add a more fun look to your cabinet. This is fairly common in French country style kitchen cabinets.
  • Kitchen cabinets that conceal appliances. There are actually a number of people, nowadays, that prefer to conceal their appliances, such as the refrigerator, with built-in cabinets. By concealing the appliances in the kitchen, it will create a balanced and uniformed look; large stainless steel usually breaks the visual look of the kitchen.
  • Kitchen cabinets with glass doors and colorful accents. This type of kitchen cabinets is inspired by the country-style design. Glass doors are also good light reflectors which will make the kitchen appear more fresh and well-ventilated. With glass door cabinets, it will be easier for you to look for anything you will use without having to open or close the cabinet door. This will be great for displaying your vintage chinaware. You may also add a little bit fun to these glass cabinet doors by simply painting the glass with a cheerful color. These colors should complement the exteriors of the cabinet and make sure that you create bold accents to effectively match the color scheme of the entire kitchen room.
What’s New in the Kitchen Cabinet World for 2014

What Cabinets are made of?

One of the essential things a home should have is a cabinet. Cabinets can be seen in any part of the house; living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and even in the garage. They are essential primarily because they serve many purposes. Its primary function is for storage. It can also be used to create the overall look of the house and it can be made using various materials.

Solid Wood

The most common material that is used in making cabinets is the solid wood. Examples of solid wood include woods from oak, maple, cherry, alder, and pine tree. Wooden cabinets are built for its durability; thus, it lasts for a long period of time.

Stainless Steel

What Cabinets are made of?

Cabinets can be made up of stainless steel. It is considered to be the second most popular type of material used for making cabinets. Like the solid wood cabinets, it is also very strong and durable as well. However, it is very important that you avoid any scratching or marking in this type of cabinet material because it can be easily seen.


There are also cabinets that are made up of engineered wood, or plywood. It is a processed and manufactured wood panel mainly made from “wood veener”. It is widely used worldwide primarily because it actually costs cheaper compared to the solid wood.

What Cabinets are made of?

Medium Density Fiberboard

Another type of cabinet material made up of an engineered wood is a medium density fiberboard cabinet wherein each board is actually made up of multiple wood fibers. These wood fibers are made by mixing up wood with resin and wax. This mixture will then be combined together with the use of high pressure and temperature. Compared to other materials mentioned above, cabinets made out of medium density fiberboard actually weigh heavier. Thus, it is not very familiar in households.Matching the Travertine floors with the cabinets is essential. Ongoing travertine cleaning and travertine sealing or travertine Polishing is needed

Which Corner Cabinet Option to Choose for Your Kitchen

The difficult part of installing a kitchen cabinet at home is at the corners. It needs to be carefully planned out so that it will suit your kitchen needs. However, no matter how difficult it may be, it is not actually impossible to do since there are now several options on how to decorate the corner cabinet that technically aids for easy installation.

Which Corner Cabinet Option to Choose for Your Kitchen

Blind Corner Kitchen Cabinets

A blind corner cabinet design actually has an opening that is geared to one side which accounts for half of the length that is covered by the cabinet perpendicular to it; thus, it will make a blind space at the side of the cabinet door. A lot of people, however, do not prefer this type of corner cabinet because it can be pretty hard to handle since you actually need to go deep into the cabinet in order to find what they are looking for.

Which Corner Cabinet Option to Choose for Your Kitchen

Lazy Susan Corner Cabinet Design

One of the most popular solutions for the corner cabinet problem is the installation of a cabinet having a lazy Susan. This type of corner cabinet usually has a single or bi-fold door that has hinges in the middle. This design actually gives more space in the cabinet and it is easier to use since you do not have to dive in to find what you are looking for. The downside of this type is that it actually needs maintenance.

Which Corner Cabinet Option to Choose for Your Kitchen

Standard Corner Cabinet at an Angle

The cheapest yet the most space wasting cabinet option is the stander corner cabinet. It is also the most common option used in many households. However, it is useful when you have to mount an over or refrigerator cabinet in the corner.

Easy Reach Corner Cabinet

This type of cabinet option is also a cheap alternative from the first two options mentioned. It is designed to maximize the corner spaces of the kitchen cabinet.

Types Of Kitchen Cabinet Accessories

A house is not called a home if one component or area is missing. Every home has to consider the kitchen a special place because this is where you prepare your food and gather together. You must have a nice kitchen and the whole area should always be kept well-organized.

The kitchen is considered as the heart of the home. Below are the different kitchen cabinet accessories that you will want to take note:

Types Of Kitchen Cabinet Accessories
  • Drawer organizers – this will store kitchen gadgets, dishes and silverware, it is made in plastic or wood drawers. This will tame the disorder of kitchen ware.
  • Chrome storage accessories – this is a corner functionality, space utilization and it is also moveable.
  • Roll-out tray accessories –this kind of pull-out feature can make your stored items easy to access.
  • Base cabinet swing-out pantry system – it is perfect for storing and accessing small items.
  • Shelf door storage trays – handy access to regularly used under-the-sink stuffs.
  • Door-mount rack with cutting board – a rack system that can hold cutting boards, cookie sheets and dish drain trays.
  • Waste bin – door garbage bin can help contain messes.
  • Double electric assists waist container – this is a terrific system for those with mobility and dexterity issues. It is a double trash pull-out for base cabinets that can hold waste and or recycling.
  • Swivelling basket – it works well on the upper cabinets. It offers flexibility, accessibility and organization by bringing the items closer.
  • Tandem system – pull-out version also works well on upper cabinets.
  • Cabinet pull-down shelving system – this system allows you to get those hard-to-reach upper cabinets. It’s a great idea for shorter individuals.
  • Pegboard for dishes – this will allow heavier items to be stored within reach and flexible in rearranging items to suit your needs and dishes. It also eliminates the danger of getting those items into the upper cabinet such as stack of plates.
Types Of Kitchen Cabinet Accessories

These are just few of the kitchen cabinet accessories that are very useful in organizing your things in the kitchen.

Different Designs And Colors Of Free Standing Kitchen Cabinet Colors

One of the important places in your home is the kitchen. You must have a good design and ambience in this area. There are lots of ways on how you can enhance your kitchen, especially your kitchen cabinets. Since free standing kitchen cabinet is flexible and moveable, you need to have a unique color and idea to blend your cabinet to whatever and wherever area you want to place it. There are different free standing kitchen cabinet designs and colors that are available for you to choose. Below is the list that you can take note:

  • Catskill Craftsmen Double Door Kitchen Cabinet, White – double door storage and a hardwood construction with white finish. Kit provides three storage shelves.
  • Winsome Wood Milan Wood 5 Tier Open Cabinet in Antique Walnut Finish and 4 Rattan Baskets in Antique Walnut Finish – it has narrow shelf for maximizing spaces and it has a warm walnut finish.
  • Free-Standing Cabinet Unit w/ Sink – construction is particleboard with a plywood inner core, stainless steel sink and laminate color finish. It has two drawers, one lower storage compartment with shelf and the upper storage cupboards with shelves and comes with a gray laminate finish.
  • Freestanding kitchen, wood and painted in contrast – safekeeping for utensils and dishes.
  • Granite countertop cleaning or Stone Restoration
  • Casual Open Shelves Display – open shelves make this light and casual kitchen space feel relaxed and informal, and for a bit of colour rows and a charming white color finish.
  • English style kitchen – it’s like a baker’s table and towel racks with enamel top.
  • Island with bead board and casserole dish storage – it is made of custom wooden dividers and it can hold pans and pots.
Different Designs And Colors Of Free Standing Kitchen Cabinet Colors

There are lots of different free standing kitchen cabinet designs and colors that you can see through the internet. The examples above are just a few and common design and colors that a kitchen cabinet should possess.


Traditional Kitchen Designs that Never go out of Style

There are kitchen styles that definitely won’t go out of style and these are the traditional kitchen styles. The key to making your kitchen look traditionally elegant is to use the right kind of materials. If you use the right ones, you will be able to achieve a homey and cozy feel that would make you not want to live your kitchen room.

Traditional Kitchen Designs that Never go out of Style

Traditional Kitchen Styles that Are Elegant

  • A kitchen style that uses warm pine cabinets. Warm pine cabinets give a country-inspired kitchen style. When combined with kitchen tiles in sage stones and upholstered chairs, it will give a look of elegance, as well as simplicity. To achieve a warm and cozy feeling, a tumbled travertine should be used as floor titles.
  • A kitchen using contemporary woods for cabinets. To achieve a contemporary look for your kitchen, warm, light oak wood is typically used for cabinets. It is also highly recommended that you design your kitchen with two sinks and modern stoves to emphasize the many functions of the kitchen island. By using concrete counter tops, you can achieve a cozy and friendly feel.
  • A sunny kitchen with blanched wood cabinets. Antique oak wood, along with a vintage counter top will really create a traditional look for your kitchen. Tall windows, high ceilings, and chandelier will all add to the elegant look of your kitchen. Colors of the kitchen and floor tiles should match the blanched wood cabinets to add a vibrant feel.
  • Painted wood kitchen style. Maple wood used for cabinets and countertops should be painted with creamy or off white colors. These cabinets should be designed in a way that they stretch up to the ceiling in order to maximize the kitchen space. It is recommended for you to use tiles that are similar to the old European cobble stones to add to the homey feel of the kitchen.

Features Of 7633 Madison Avenue Double Floor Cabinet

Are you planning to buy a new cabinet that is durable, flexible and affordable? Many stores and companies offer different types of cabinets and some are selling it in a lower price. As an ordinary client, we are often captured by their ads and presentation. Buying something needs planning and research to come up with best offer and best quality of a certain product. The cabinets are essential furniture in your home. Almost all rooms or area in your house has cabinets. Your cabinets may be small, medium or huge in size. Whatever it may look like, they are very helpful especially in safekeeping and storing your things.

One of the best cabinets that were ever made is the 7633 Madison Avenue Double Floor Cabinet, wherein its furnishing is nicely done; it is a Madison Avenue Dark Collection, Espresso finish and MDF construction. This elegant cabinet should be considered in your list. In order to know about this great product, below are its helpful features that you will want to know:

Features Of 7633 Madison Avenue Double Floor Cabinet
  • It is constructed from ultra-tough medium-density fibreboard for durability and long-lasting usage.
  • It’s finished in dark espresso with arched decorative skirt and has a crown moulding top.
  • It has two hinged doors with tempered glass windows and its knob is chrome finished.
  • It has two adjustable interior shelves wherein you can cater more things and organized them well at the same time because of its spacious and adjustable features.
  • It has three storage shelves.
  • Hardware is included and some assembly is required but it is easy to do.
  • Its dimension is 26W x 13D x 32H inches and weighs 23.25 pounds.
Features Of 7633 Madison Avenue Double Floor Cabinet

This affordable extravagant type of cabinet is more likely perfect for your bath area. This stylish bead board design and practical weave patterns gives its clients the best quality for bathroom dйcor and adds storage and style to your bathroom with refreshing furnishings such as double floor cabinet.

Features Of 7633 Madison Avenue Double Floor Cabinet

Furniture has drawbacks but they are tolerable and this may include the following:

  • Some doors may be uneven and won’t catch the magnetic closure.
  • Shelf holders don’t fit into the holes.

Now that you already know its great features, this 7633 Madison Avenue Double Floor Cabinet will surely be the best choice that you can buy for your bathroom storage. It may be a little small but in general, this cabinet will serve you well. In case you are not yet convinced about the product, you can read more reviews from the different clients who already purchased and used the product.

Popular Kitchen Designs of All Time

You can find a lot of kitchen materials, equipment, and appliances available on the market today. It is very important for you to be able to choose the right ones that will complement your chosen kitchen design. It is very essential that when it comes to choosing designs at home, it should match the entire style of the house. That is, if your house is a contemporary style, then it should have contemporary designs inside. To know more about popular kitchen designs of all time, read more about them below.

The Early American Kitchen Design

Early American kitchen designs are designed based on simplicity and utilitarianism. You will be able to find a free standing wooden table at the center where one can make use of it as an area for cooking preparation. Vegetables are usually stored in a root cellar that is usually found off the main kitchen. When trying to achieve this kitchen design, it is best that you hide the appliances to various panels for more floor space.

Bungalow Bonanza Kitchen Design

Bungalow type kitchen is a type of kitchen design wherein you will find a breakfast counter and the recent kitchen materials and amenities that make cooking a more fun experience. It is usually designed with linoleum flooring which makes it easier to clean.

Victorian-Inspired Kitchen Design

Popular Kitchen Designs of All Time

Victorian-inspired kitchen design does not necessarily mean that you give u modern kitchen amenities. All you have to do is incorporate them with historically-inspired kitchen embellishments. You can design your kitchen with a porcelain sink, glass door cabinets, and a nickel-plated stove. You can also style it with a wooden ice chest to add to its traditional look.

Modern Kitchen Design

Popular Kitchen Designs of All Time

In modern kitchen designs, wooden cabinets are replaced with those made from metal. Aside from that, it is also designed with a metal counter top. The room is accented with bright colors to add to the modern feel.

Free Standing Kitchen Cabinets and Their Benefits

When you go inside a furniture store, you can easily spot a free standing kitchen cabinet; simply because it is huge and tall. These cabinets make for a great storage room for kitchen tools in any kitchen. They are typically designed with fine lines and modern day styling without having to cost much more than built-in cabinets. Aside from that, free standing kitchens come with various benefits.

Advantages of Free Standing Kitchen Cabinets

Free Standing Kitchen Cabinets and Their Benefits
  • If you want to redecorate or clean the entire kitchen room, free standing kitchen cabinets can easily be moved from one spot to another. You may think it is very heavy to move one, but there are cabinets that are designed to be light weighted wherein it can be moved by one or two people. Having free standing kitchen cabinets can be very beneficial for those who like hosting gatherings wherein one needs extra or more kitchen space. It is also advantageous when kitchen maintenance is needed.
  • Since most free standing kitchens have removable panels, it can be very easy to clean. You can choose to clean each panel individually without having to clean the entire cabinet.
  • Compared to wall-mounted kitchen cabinets, free standing kitchen cabinets are a lot easier to install. All you have to do is look for a suitable space where you can place them. To add beauty to your kitchen, make sure that your cabinet matches the entire design of your kitchen room.
  • Free standing kitchen cabinets have multiple uses. In the event that you no longer need these cabinets, you can improvise and utilize them in other areas of your house. They can make good cabinets for the bathroom, bedroom, as well as the living and dining room.
  • When choosing a free standing cabinet, you do not have to settle with what is available in the store. There are stores that offer made to order cabinets wherein you can personalize them and design them in a way that it will complement your chosen kitchen styles.
  • As long as you buy free standing cabinets that are made up of hard wood, you will be able to use it in a longer period of time. Another thing when using pure hard wood for these cabinets is that its value actually appreciates as the years go by. That is, you will be able to sell it as an antique for a higher price in the generations to come. Thus, like houses, it is not a dead investment.

Customized Kitchen Cabinets

Your kitchen is a magical place where family and friends gather. It is the heart of your home. Whether you are an avid cook or your kitchen is just for entertainment, you can always have it renovated. But you have to consider your decision in having customized kitchen cabinets because it will eat up nearly half of your remodelling budget. Customized kitchen is created exactly to your specifications and it tends to come up with a steep price. Nevertheless, this customized cabinet will maximize your space in terms of design and efficiency. Artistic value, quality and budget all come up in choosing the right materials for your kitchen cabinet. Below are the different types of customized kitchen cabinets that you will want to consider in your home:

Customized Kitchen Cabinets
  • Wood – available and durable in variety of types, colors and finishes; and wood cabinets fall into mid-range price level. Moreover, they tend to contract and expand according to moisture levels and can bend over time.
  • Laminate – made from multiple layers of kraft paper and is the least expensive. The downside is that it can be easily peeled and it is hard to repair.
  • Metal – such cabinets are pricier than wood and it is usually made of stainless steel. This cabinet tend to show finger prints and scratches easily but are easy to clean and durable.
  • Glass – it is often paired with wood cabinets to add color variation and textures to a space. The items need to be organized because the dishes and other kitchen wares are noticeable because of its glass material.

Giving your kitchen a new face, handmade custom cabinetry is the ultimate in functional luxury and revives the entire look of your kitchen. Don’t settle for run-of-the-mill cabinets. It is perfect to have customized kitchen cabinets that will suit your specifications and needs. In addition, you need to have a great designer and carpenter to do the job for you.